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A1 Anatomy of a plastic girl

A2 Candy coated crime

B1 Oprahs book of the month club 2

B2 I'm not Simone Choule


The Opiates: Anatomy of a plastic girl (2008) -

"Full of soul and emotion… the songs creep into your consciousness and before you know it have taken over your motor functions. Oozing sex with great electro bleeps and an orgasmic vocal delivery… a real success." - Sean Slingsby, Gigwise (online)

"Finally, a return to real angst! Magnificent!" - Mark Moore

"Candy Coated Crime ist die bombe!" - DJ Hell


1 A cotton pickers dream
2 Night traffic
3 Origin unknown
4 Tin Man
5 Searching for planet Klingklang
6 The discovery
7 Invitation
8 Watching a dream
9 Meditation
10 Taking the challenge
11 Inside
12 Morning chill
13 Conversations

CURRENT: The Dream Cabinet (2006) -

"Ambient chilled electronics and haunting melodies. Current releases his 5th album, The Dream Cabinet, after the critically acclaimed releases "Communion.” (2003) and “underCURRENTs” (2005). "

...The Dream Cabinet explores willowy ambience and plush velvet rhythms with equal aplomb, the sort of record you might expect little from but which surprisingly rewards endlessly enjoyable dividends."  Darren Bergstein, e/i Magazine.


CURRENT: The Dream Cabinet





1 fremmed by
2 becomming sensitive
3 incarnation
4 do you hear it
5 waking up slowly
6 eego
7 quiescent
8 sensorene virker
9 too distant
10 swing city
11 gave
12 bønn


1 reisie over fjell
2 jæren
3 baby
4 no fear
5 stargazing
6 ettertanke
7 kystlandskap
8 tracker one
9 gjensyn
10 someones planning to leave
11 drøm

CURRENT: underCURRENTs (2005) - compilation of unreleased material -

"Nominated best ambient album and best ambient track, "Waking up slowly" by Just Plain Folks Music Awards 2006. Came out as number 4!






1 before reality
2 ghost trip
3 crossfield
4 plaza circular
5 no sign of life
6 sunday sunburn
7 sign/alien
8 mode selector
9 sign/human
10 minor abstraction
11 patterns
12 autovia
13 in the frame
14 alone with company
15 presence

CURRENT: Communion (2003) -

"Ambient / electronica with a blend of complex and beautiful sounds, catchy beats and haunting melodies. " may as well know that I'm going to be drooling with the rest of the folks who can't get enough of such a tasty mélange of electronic musical bliss." Bill Binkelman / Wind & Wire.

The track 'Ghost Trip' voted number 7 of 100 best EM tracks among artists like Kraftwerk, David Sylvian, Jean Michel Jarre etc.

Planet Origo







1 robin
2 ships in my backyard
3 stellar
4 unknown destination
5 brightness
6 carpet magic
7 beginning to end
8 october
9 do you understand
10 addiction
11 listen
12 car draws a gun
13 moody
14 still waving

CURRENT: Musik (2001) -

"Musik is a veritable glossary/textbook of any number of current-day executions of electronica/EM.....'Bil Binkelmann / Wind & wire

Planet Origo




1 enter
2 the dream
3 25.6 degrees
4 spring feather
5 o c t 7
6 mere objects
7 cross current
8 entering shadowland
9 polar beach
10 intoxicated dream
11 science
12 welcome to my mind

CURRENT: Enter The Dream (1997) -

"The bottom line is that Robert Solheim appeared as a new and interesting voice on the scene in 1997 with this album. The most melodic and listenable of the three

Future Proof releases, Enter The Dream *has* stood the test of time and can probably be listened to for another 10 years." Rated 7 of 10. Jon Aanesen.

Planet Origo




1 ghost trip (radio mix)
2 ghost trip (pimpf remix)
3 ghost trip (original)

CURRENT: Ghost Trip (single) (2003) -

"The "Radio Mix" is the shortest, and jump-starts the single nicely with cool beats and atmospheres. It definitely sounds radio friendly, if only stations would play this sort of stuff -maybe they play more of it in Norway than in America, hopefully. The longest version is the "Robotic Mix," and it is definitely more computerized, almost in a Kraftwerk sort of way. Both the full length CD and the single are a lot of fun". Reviewed by Phil Derby